Learning online Learning -Final

The module is now finished . If I look back at the mindmap that I had constructed and I am being  honest, I have to conclude that I have  achieved very few of the goals I had set for myself. The ‘fault’ is entirely mine for not having dedicated sufficient time to the module. But of course I am not the only one with a busy work schedule , so I ask myself how did everybody else manage to write such interesting blogs and quote some many different papers that they have read ?

What I can say that I have learned ( from the other participants) is that I need to change my approach and 1) plan my time better 2) read a lot more on the topic.  The module has also been an opportunity to evaluate the benefit and limitation of asynchronous vs live communication. While the first allows flexibility,  the Hangouts have been very interesting and if the module had continued I can see the conversations would have become even more meaningful and productive (but again due to my time management I missed quite few.)

To conclude I would like to thank all my fellow PBL participants, the PBL facilitators and of course the FDOL organisers. I now certainly know much better what I do not know about open and distance  learning  … and knowing what you do not know  is supposed to be an important step in learning 🙂



About stefanocasalotti

Senior lecturer at University of East London Research area: molecular neuroscience: mechanisms of addiction General interest: a greener and more peaceful world

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